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Sandi Radomski

Sandi Radomski


Sandi Radomski, N.D., L.C.S.W., M.S.S.W. is a psychotherapist and naturopathic doctor.

Her background includes teaching in the medical school at the University of Wisconsin for 8 years, doing biofeedback with pain patients for 10 years and conducting research in psychoneruoimmunology with children with cancer. Her experience in energy work includes TFTdx, EFT, TAT, and BSFFG, and chiropractic techniques such as NAET, TBM, Biokinetics, NET and JMT.

Currently specializing in allergy work, Sandi has written the manual Allergy Antidotes™, The Energy Psychology Treatment of Allergy-Like Reactions.

Allergy AntidotesTM is a comprehensive system to identify and eliminate the physical and emotional symptoms caused by substance sensitivities. Sophisticated muscle testing procedure pinpoints hidden sensitivities. Five basic treatment protocols utilize Energy Psychology principles to reprogram the patient’s body to no longer react negatively to the offending substances.


  • Allergies as a Metaphor for Fear Sandi Radomski writes: When I began specializing in treating allergies, colleagues often asked me why psychotherapists would be interested in allergic reactions. Now more and more therapists are aware that many of our patient’s presenting emotiona...
  • Treating Autism Spectrum Disorders with Energy Psychology Sandi Radomski, ND, LCSW, DEP , and Tom Altaffer, LCSW , are finding ways of bringing energy therapies and especially their new technique called Ask & Receive to intervene in the causal cascade that is autism. Finding and healing allergies, reso...


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